10 SEPTEMBER / 11 DECEMBER 2016

    From 10th September to 11 December 2016 the town of Carpi honours one of the greatest fashion photographers of all time, with an exhibition showing shots never exhibited before in Italy. Over 50 images of the exhibition HELMUT NEWTON. A gun for Hire, selection / The shots for Blumarine 1993-1999.

    A gun for hire is considered the major retrospective travelling exhibition, showed the first time in Montecarlo in 2005, which shows in a timely manner the Helmut Newton’s work for the world of Fashion, starting from the 1960s up to the date of his death in 2004. The selection exhibited in Carpi specifically focuses on the campaigns for Blumarine and represents a break project: for the first time an Italian brand, tied to the traditional idea of family business ideally oriented to the elegance of a bourgeois woman , decides to show up in such an innovative way. The models are chosen among the most known and loved of those years: Carré Otis, Carla Bruni, Monica Bellucci, Eva Herzigova. The exhibition, set up in the loggias of the Palazzo dei Pio piano nobile, consists of 34 large format photographs (campaigns for Blumarine) and other 12 shots, belonging as well to AGun for Hire and unreleased in Italy. To complete the exhibition, other seven shots of the Blumarine campaigns, never showed before, from the private collection of Anna Molinari, who founded the company together with her husband Gianpaolo Tarabini; moreover, the books realised with the Newton’s photographic campaigns, some unpublished albums with photographs and notes of the author and, finally, some videos.

    Helmut Newton - Primavera Estate 1994, Monaco 1994 (2) © The Helmut Newton EstateMaconochie Photography© The Helmut Newton Estate/Maconochie Photography