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For three days the best of the textile-clothing of the district will be gathered in the great fashion event, which reached  its fourth edition


Free admission to professional traders only


49 companies,over 9000 fashion proposals of  tailoring, knitwear, shirts  and outerwear  for Autumn-Winter 2018/2019, 1325 square metres of exhibition area and over 900 expected visitors from 40 Countries who will enjoy several benefits: these are, in a nutshell, the numbers of the fourth edition of Moda Makers, the awaited fashion event  which, specifically addressed to the apparel industry operators, will be held from 7 to 9 November in the gorgeous setting of Piazzale Re Astolfo in Carpi; the event will be hosted in this place for the last time as from the next edition in May 2018 – in order to allow the entry of new companies at present impossible due to the lack of further space – Moda Makers will move to a more solid permanent building which will become an everlasting   exhibition venue in the city, for  this and other types of events.

Right in the heart of the district which boasts a strong and well-known vocation to textile and clothing, some of the best companies of the apparel Industry have decided to continue to bet on the efforts union by collaborating with each other, exchanging buyer and customer databases and adhering to a shared communication style in order to maximise the territory know-how.

This was a very successful choice in the three previous editions and the promoters – Expo Modena organizes Moda Makers with the support of Promec and Carpi  Fashion System – the project of promotion  of the district fashion companies fostered by the local Business Associations LAPAM-Confartigianato, CNA, CONFINDUSTRIA EMILIA and by the Municipality of Carpi thanks to the decisive grant of CR Carpi Foundation- count to confirm the event success in this fourth edition as well.

The protagonists of Moda Makers will be the following  companies: Angela F, Ann Max, Blue Moon, Capriccioli,  Rosso Perla, Creazioni Graziella, Creazioni Rosanna & Co, Dielle, Donne da Sogno, Emmegi 2, Erika, ETC2.0, Famar, G.B.M, Gi&Di, Gigliorosso, Gil, Giovani Idee, Gironacci Arduino, Glòdimoda, Guerzon, I Complici, Idea Tessile, Il Trifoglio, Kodama Mode, Linea Donna, Luciano Pavarotti, Maglieria Paola Davoli & C., Maglificio Frarosa, Mita, Moda Milena, Mr. Giuly Mode, NA.PA’, On Logo, Pandora, Razzoli, Roberta Neri, S&M Group, S.E.A, Settimocielo, Severi Silvio, Shanti, Sorriso, Spruzzi, Tabula Rasa, Talea By Perini, Walmode, Weg Fashion Group, Yulkis. The new entry companies are seven and seven the businesses  from outside the region. You can discover all the companies profile on Exhibitors page on Moda Makers website.

Several the services offered to visitors during their stay in the location, including the opportunity of special dispensation to the short stay parking  in some designated areas.

On modamakers.it website it is possible to pre-register  in order to avoid queues at the entrance (this procedure is allowed to sector operators only, with priority to buyers of retail  or chain stores); on the same site are moreover available directions for routes and distances, suggestions for moving and references to hotels and restaurants.

The organizational staff is also available to facilitate the arrival of international buyers at the exhibition area located in the historical centre of Carpi.

On Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8thModa Makers will be open form 9 to 18, on Thursday  9th from 9 to 16.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony, in the presence of the Authorities, will be held on Thursday 7th al 10.30.

“Moda Makers proves  to be the top event for the district – says Simone Morelli, City  Councillor for Economy – a sign that the event has been able to assert itself to the attention of the fashion world at international level. The secret lies in the ability to cooperate of all stakeholders, both public and private, pooling  together  strengths and common factors in order to be globally competitive.

The exhibition, by now a standing appointment for all apparel industry operators, gives  prestige and exposure to one of the most important sectors of the local economy and to the entire town.

The Carpi Fashion system project was born exactly from this precise will to work in an integrated way between companies, business associations, public institutions: if we all stay  together we’ll  remain on the market and  we’ll continue to grow and generate wealth for the whole territory”.

A profile of the participating companies and their collections is visible on  modamakers.it website.

For further information please refer to modamakers.it or the Facebook page  Moda Makers, or  send a  mail to  segreteria@modamakers.it.


Pre-registrations for MODA MAKERS event are opened



The upcoming edition of Moda Makers will take place between the 7th and the 9th November 2017.

During these three days, the fashion event for sourcing and sampling the products of the textile area of Carpi will showcase the best designs of the Autumn/Winter 2018/2019 collections including the preview of new trends, which will be revealed during the event.
It is now possible to register on Moda Makers’ offical website (www.modamakers.it) and download the pass, which will grant the access to the exhibition.
The organization would like to remind you that only a specialised public of buyers and clients is allowed to participate in this event.

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The now established format of Moda Makers will display thousands of ready-to-wear and knitwear creations, cut and sew knitwear, shirts, coats and T-shirts in Piazzale Re Astolfo in the heart of the city of Carpi.

The exhibitors’ list is availbale to access at www.modamakers.it.



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On 30   and  31   May  13 foreign operators, selected according to the company profiles,  

will be in the heart of Carpi for the B2B meetings.

30 companies will participate, on Tuesday  30 and Wednesday 31  May, to the Incoming of foreign operators and buyers,  organized  in Carpi by  Carpi Fashion System – the  project of enhancement  of the district textile and clothing companies  promoted by the local Company Associations, CNA, LAPAM-Confartigianato, CONFINDUSTRIA and by the  Municipality of  Carpi, thanks to the decisive grant of the CR Carpi Foundation – in collaboration with Promec. In the city centre, in the gorgeous  historic setting of  Sala Cervi at  the Palazzo dei Pio,  13 operators from  5 Countries – 4 from Germany, 2 from  Japan, 2 from Russia, 2 from United Kingdom and 3 from Spain – specifically selected according to the profile of participants, will  meet companies specialized in   women’s clothing and accessories  for  medium and large retail sector  and wholesale, which will have, in  this way the opportunity to show their collections Spring/Summer 2018 with flash Autumn/Winter 2017-18,  in order to start new important  businessrelationships. The planned 145B2B meetings will be held over the two days, from 9:00  to 13:00 with the possibility to visit companies in the afternoon, subject to  a potential interest expressed by foreign operators and organizers.   Key players of the meeting will be  the companies A. Lisa Mood, Angela F, Big Dolby, Crea Si, Creazioni 2000, Creazioni Rosanna & Co, Dielle, Donne Da Sogno, Gi & Di, Giglio Rosso, Gil, Giovani Idee, Gli Angeli Tricot, Glò di Moda, Guerzon, Idea Tessile, Io e Te Maglierie, Libera, Linea Donna, Maglierie Ellegi, Mr Giuly Mode, Ribelle, Settimo Cielo, S&M Group, Sorriso, Spruzzi, Ventanni, Veronica Effe, Weg Fashion Group and  Yulkis.   Each of the participating companies will have their own space to be able to  welcome    foreign operators and show  their collections. In order to facilitate conversation and agreements there will be the support  of an interpreter for each foreign operator. “After the success of Moda  Makers we don’t stop but we are relaunching  with this new business opportunity for the district companies – says  the Deputy Mayor and Councillor for the Economy of the Municipality of Carpi Simone Morelli –because if there’s one thing that the  textile clothing system of  Carpi is proving it’ is  it can still  be a   reference point  for the international markets. This train travels very fast, but companies have proved  to have every intention to get on it. On  our part, thanks to the Carpi Fashion System support,  we will help them with all our might and energy  to achieve the goal.”   For further information, please visit the Facebook page  CFS Carpi Fashion System.



Moda Makers maggio 2017_Ph_Giulia Mantovani (3)

Great satisfaction among promoters and companies for the growth of the event which exceeded the numbers of the previous edition, with a significant presence of visitors from abroad.


The numbers of registrations   have confirmed the positive trend noticed in the past  days: yesterday, at the conclusion of the exhibition, over  900 people had visited the 49 exhibitor companies at Moda Makers, the great  event of the textile district, held in Carpi from 16 to 18 May.

This  formula which,    thanks to the collaboration and synergy between small and medium-sized companies,    brought together, in the same location, the over nine thousands fashion samples  of clothing, knitwear,  shirts and outwear for Spring/Summer 2018,   proved therefore to be successful .

Also from the point of view of visitors, the 60 per cent of whom was composed by buyers and their agencies, the rest by insiders such as suppliers, journalists and photographers, the numbers of the previous edition have been exceeded.

Among  the dozens of  origin Countries of visitors, Japan was ahead, followed by Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Greece, USA, Canada, Germany, Holland, Austria, Portugal, United Kingdom, Russia, France, Denmark, Israel, Norway.

Great satisfaction, unanimously expressed by companies, which have been  able to   meet  historic customers andnew ones , establish business relationships and enjoy great visibility.  In particular, very  appreciated the outstanding level   of visitors from abroad.


Before the future winter edition of Moda Makers, the upcoming Carpi Fashion System scheduled activities  are, on   30th  and 31st  May, the Incoming event   with the B2B meetings taking place at Palazzo dei Pio, which will be attended by 30  companies and Collezione Filati, the Carpi  salon dedicated to yarns which, organized by trade agents, will take place at Villa Ascari on 5th  and 6th  July.


” Cohesion  and the synergy pay off” says the Deputy Mayor and Councillor  for Economy Simone Morelli, “and proof of this is  the number of visitors, the attention the event has been able to raise  even abroad and the satisfaction of entrepreneurs, to whom  is addressed  my first thanks   for believing in this innovative and winning formula.

Teamwork will continue, as  the district’s desire for growth is tangible, so if Moda Makers has just finished, we have just started. ”


Gratitude to all sector operators is addressed by Roberto Bonasi,  President of  Expo Modena, the institution that organized the event: “The success of Moda Makers is a victory for all, as we all believed and committed ourselves in order  to succeed in the best way. However, without the talent, the creativity, and the know-how of  companies and people working  there, nothing of this could even  be conceivable.

In particular, I would like to thank the female component of fashion, playing  a leading role: entrepreneurs, stylists and employees represent the true heart of the fashion district. We also have to  remember, and never forget, the extraordinary value of the subcontracting companies  which are  a fundamental part of the production cycle. ”


Moda Makers is organized by  Expo Modena, and  promoted by the Entrepreneur Associations  CNA, LAPAM-Confartigianato, CONFINDUSTRIA and  by  Carpi Fashion System – the project of enhancement  of the district fashion companies  promoted by the local  Company Associations   and by the Municipality of Carpi  thanks to the  decisive contribution of CR Carpi Foundation – in collaboration with Promec.


We remind the exhibitor companies:  A. Lisa Mood, Angela F, Ann Max, Capriccioli, Creazioni Graziella, Creazioni Rosanna & CO, Dielle, Donne da sogno, Eleonora Amadei, Emmegi2, Erika, Etc 2.0, Famar, Gi & Di, Giglio Rosso, Gil, Gironacci 1969, Giovani Idee, GlòdiModa, Guerzon, Idea tessile, Incontro, Io&te Maglierie, Linea Donna, Luciano Pavarotti, Maglieria Paola, Davoli & C, Maglierie Ellegi, Maglificio Frarosa, Milva P, Mita, Moda Milena, Mr. Giuly Mode, New Miba, Pandora, Razzoli, Roberta Neri, Rosso Perla, S&M Group, S.E.A, Settimocielo, Severi Silvio, Sorriso, Spruzzi, Tabula Rasa, Talea by Perini, Trifoglio, Veronica Effe, Walmode, Weg Fashion Group.


Further information  on  modamakers.it   and  Facebook page  Moda Makers.





A comparison between the three editions



S/S 2017: 23 exhibitors

A/W 2017/18: 44 exhibitors

S/S 2018: 49 exhibitors



S/S 2017: 320 visitors

A/W 2017/18: over 800 (600 were expected)

S/S 2018: 900 expected



S/S 2017: 2000

A/W 2017/18: over 3000

S/S 2018: over 9000



S/S 2017: 600 sm

A/W 2017/18: 1250 sm

S/S 2018: 1325 sm






For three days the best of the textile and clothing sector of the fashion district of Carpi will be reunited during the third edition of this great event


49 firms, more than 9000 S/S 2018 samples of knitwear, tailoring, shirts and outerwear; 1325 square meters of exhibition area to welcome hundreds of visitors coming from 40 different countries who will benefit from a number of advantages. These are the numbers of Moda Makers’ third edition, the event which will take place from the 16th until the 18th of May in the historical Piazzale Re Astolfo in the city centre of Carpi.


In the heart of a fashion district, which boasts a vocation for the textile and clothing industry, some of the best companies in this sector have combined efforts by sharing their database of buyers and clients and by creating a joined communication strategy in order to promote the know-how of the area.


This approach has already shown positive results in the last edition of Moda Makers. Now the promoters – Expo Modena, which organises the event with the support of Promec and Carpi Fashion System; along with the plan of promoting the firms of the fashion district fostered by the business association of the area, CNA, LAPAM-Confartigianato, CONFINDUSTRIA and the district of Carpi, with the fundamental contribution of Fondazione CR Carpi – are willing to outdo these results, showing how only 20 days prior to the event (data was updated at 11 a.m. on the 26th of April), the preregistration number has increased significantly compared to the previous edition.


The firms which will take part in the event will be: A. Lisa Mood, Angela F, Ann Max, Capriccioli, Creazioni Graziella, Creazioni Rosanna & CO, Dielle, Donne da sogno, Emmegi2, Erika, Etc 2.0, Famar, Gi & Di, Giglio Rosso, Gil, Gironacci Arduino, Giovani Idee, GlòdiModa, Guerzon, Idea tessile, Incontro, Io&te Maglierie, Linea Donna, Luciano Pavarotti, Maglieria Paola, Davoli & C, Maglierie Ellegi, Maglificio Frarosa, Milva P, Mita, Moda Milena, Mr. Giuly Mode, New Miba, Pandora, Razzoli, Roberta Neri, Rosso Perla, S&M Group, S.E.A, Settimocielo, Severi Silvio, Sorriso, Spruzzi, Tabula Rasa, Talea by Perini, Trifoglio, Veronica Effe, Walmode, Weg Fashion Group, Yulkis. Their creations will be available to be seen and touched by the more than 700 visitors expected at the event.


There are many services, which visitors and clients can benefit from during their stay in Carpi, amongst them, during this edition, a free entry to an exhibition exploring the cultural, artistic and political relationship between Alberto Pio, Prince of Carpi, and Louis XII king of France, which will take place at the Museum of Palazzo dei Pio. Furthermore, the possibility of parking in the areas usually subjected to hourly restrictions.


In order to take part in this exclusive fashion event buyers and clients are required to sign up on our website www.modamakers.it and complete the online form. This will speed up the process at the entrance; furthermore, directions to the location of the event, suggested hotels and restaurants are listed on the website.

Our staff will be happy to help organising the transfer to and from Reggio Emilia AV Mediopadana station as well as taxi transfers to any other destination.


On Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th of May the exhibition will be open from 9.30 a.m. till 6.30 p.m., on Thursday 18th of May from 9.30 a.m. till 4 p.m.


The opening ceremony will take place on Tuesday 16th of May at 10.30 a.m.


In the words of Simone Morelli, Carpi’s Economy Assessor, “Moda Makers is growing with a larger number of companies and visitors taking part in the event, this is the testimony that teamwork and collaboration create a critical mass which makes the difference in the face of the challenges imposed by global economy. Togetherness makes strength and Moda Makers is the proof. I am therefore confident that all the entities involved in this project, which puts a sheen on one of the most important industries of our territory, will keep teaming up in order to reach even more challenging goals.”


A profile of the Companies and their collections is available at modamakers.it.


For further information, please visit modamakers.it or our Facebook page Moda Makers, or send an e-mail to segreteria@modamakers.it.