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First feedback from the B2B meetings


From the recent meetings  between Carpi  district Fashion Companies and  foreign  buyers, which took place on  29  and  30 Novemver  at  Palazzo dei Pio,  the first data and positive   evidence of the results.


As expected,  the participating companies were 40, divided in two sessions in two working days. The number of meetings for the displaying of the  collections to foreign operators, already scheduled in 153  meetings, increased to  199, proving  a great interest of buyers for  the exhibited  products and emphasizing once again the importance and effectiveness for the companies  “to be part of a system“.

In the afternoon of both days, 28  direct visits of the buyers in the companies were carried out, in order to deepen the knowledge and define agreements and contracts.

Some of the participating companied  have signed  agreements and contracts directly during the incoming, while at the moment we register 51 already started  negotiations among  other companies.

The incoming and the B2B meetings  confirm to be  a concrete positive initiative on the business level. In addition to this first objective, and equally important, it is the propulsive incentive generated by these meetings:  also companies which  are still  in the early stages of their international development have the opportunity, getting in  direct touch  with foreign operators, to develop a better  awareness of the most focused strategies  both under  the   profile of the product to be offered  and the communication plans.

Next event May 2017.

Russia Made in Italy +15% the first eight months of 2016



From Moscow  the first  significant positive signs  which give hope to a recovery in demand for the Made in Italy.

According to the data revealed by Pier Paolo Celeste, director of Moscow  Ice office, Fashion imports from Italy to Russia increased of the 15,6 % in the first eight months of 2016.  “There is, in general, a   ‘revamping’ in Russia, from the  stores refurbishment to the events relaunch ”, confirmed Celeste and the statement came after the long list of Italian and foreign brands that have opened or are about to open new stores,  mainly in the capital. The scenario  is  studied in depth  by Pambianco Magazine in the article dedicated to the Russian Federation market just published. 

There are several factors behind this turmoil in a  Country that until recently was one of the most problematic markets for the Made in Italy. First of all the greater availability of location in the capital key- streets. Moreover, for the  Moscow retail, the present seems to be  a good moment: a   study of  JLL, a consulting company specialized  in real estate services, confirms that in  the third four month period  of the year the percentage of vacant stores in  Moscow  high streets fell of the  2,8% arriving at the  10,2 %. It is the best result since the beginning of 2014. To this it is then added the policy of some retailers to align their prices to  the Italian ones, renouncing to a part of their profit, and finally the  increasing of the local tourism which goes this way  to counterbalance the decline of luxury shopping generated by Russian tourists abroad (-37% in 2015 in Europe). An aid to the growth in the domestic consumption in Russia could also arrive from Chinese tourists. In the first five months of 2016 it increased of the 63% according to the Federal Agency Data for tourism Rosturism.

Pambianconews, 1/12/2016




CARPI –Twelve foreign buyers for forty women’s wear and accessories companies.  These are the figures of the second incoming event of 2016, promoted by Carpi Fashion System with the financial contribution of the Foundation CR Carpi and  organized by  Promec (organization for the internationalization of the Modena Chamber of Commerce ) in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Reggio Emilia. The group of buyers, coming from Japan, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Latvia and Lithuania were hosted in Carpi last   29 and the  30 November. In the halls of  Palazzo dei Pio companies have showed their collections Autumn-Winter 2017-2018 with some supplementary models  of the collections Spring-Summer  2017. «We are at the fifth  edition and the companies are more and more increasing:  this time  5 companies of the province of Reggio Emilia too  took part to the event – explains  Roberto Bonasi, president  of  Expomodena and manager of Cna Federmoda –.  It has been therefore necessary to divide the exhibitors in two different activity days. In the morning they  come to the Palace to look at the collections while in the afternoon, according to the b2b meetings results, they visit the companies  which have raised their interest». «Buyers have been selected by  Promec based on demand and supply   prior evaluation, so as to   maximise the effectiveness of contacts – says  Federico Poletti, President of  Lapam Moda –. Most of them work for chain stores of the medium- high segment which  are interested in our quality standards».

This edition  as well  proved to be positive for supporting the development and internationalisation of small and medium-sized enterprises of the territory which, in their town, in an evocative location and at low cost, can get in touch with some important distributors, agents, importers and representatives of international retail chains (Cla.Ros)


VOCE, 1/12/2016


Japaneses looking for novelties at the exhibition at the Palace


Schermata 2016-12-01 alle 16.36.45Forty exhibitors for a  two days B2B meeting  dedicated to Fashion  “made in Carpi”. The companies have  occupied the Sala dei Cervi in the Castle, where they welcomed foreign buyers, many also from Japan.

«Potential customers don’t lack – says an entrepreneur- we hope to realise the sales».  The councillor Morelli, participating  to the initiative promoted by Carpi Fashion System claimed : «After the success of  Moda Makers  this new opportunity for companies: the sector dynamism is evident».


Gazzetta di Modena, 30/11/2016

Today at Palazzo Pio foreign buyers


Schermata 2016-12-01 alle 16.44.06After the positive experience of the past editions (the last one in May), today in the castle rooms, from 9:00,  the event of B2B meetings between companies of the Textile district and foreign buyers will be proposed again. The local operators  have been  working  hard for pomoting their collections in an effective way.  Yesterday, for example, in an unusual location for a photographic set, the bookshop in Piazza Martiri, “Paola Davoli” was realising its new catalogue Autumn/Winter  2018. On set, the photographer  Gianluca Verrini, the model  Rebecca, the  make up artist  Eleonora Tomasini and the  art director Cosetta Malanca.


Gazzetta di Modena, 29/11/2016





12 December  2016  at 17.30, Sala dei Cimieri Piazza Re Astolfo, Carpi

Project rif. P.A.2016-5504/RER approved by Regione Emilia Romagna, co-funded by the European Social Fund.
Lecturers: Emilio Bonfiglioli – textile chemist, Fabio Guenza – Company consultant  for Sustainable Marketing and Internationalisation
Presentations by testimonials  of prestigious brands and companies that have already adopted the Detox  philosophy and  programs.berbrand_detox_banner

No  international NGO campaign has probably had such an impact on an industry like that of Detox on fashion (textile and clothing). From 2011 to  today, the theme of responsible management of dangerous  chemicals has spread like wildfire among the international brands and, backwards, on their supply chains. This applies to all market segments, from luxury to fast fashion, from sportswear to outdoor, from premium retail  to the GDO; 28 international brands and 50 Italian supplier have directly committed to  Detox.

Irrespective of Detox, “clean chemical” has become a must that no brand or supplier can  avoid, at least at level of compliance, if they  want  to remain on the market. Moreover  we can’t forget the other issues of Clean Fashion which  endanger reputation and marketing and offer competitive advantages to the brands committed to innovate their offer and their relationship with stakeholders and  media: recycling,  conditions of workers, animal welfare, transparency…

While some historical brands  and start-ups, and the suppliers which  work for them, take advantage  of their capacity to develop new value proposals, many others ignore  the issue and are likely to end up in the cross hair of the media and environmental groups, animal-rights or workers-protection activists, becoming this way negative protagonists of cases destined to remain for  long time  in the collective unconsciuos :  for example “Le Iene and  Roberto Cavalli, Report and  Moncler, Benetton and the  Rana Plaza.”

The participation is free of charge. Please, send the registration form you find here  within the  10/12/2016 to the mail address  carpi@formodena.it

Info: Formodena  tel. 059 699 554